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Originating in the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is recognized by patterns of geometric, concentric circles.

“Mandala” is derived from the Sanskrit words manda -“essence” -and la – “container” – referring to a “container of essence”.

When crocheting, as with most crafts, I believe a part of yourself becomes invested in the work you are creating. Even more so if you are making something for someone you care about.

After Christmas I found myself searching for something new, not a challenge as such but something that would work up quickly and would fill the void that I get when I’ve taken a break from something I enjoy. I have to admit I’m all for instant gratification 😁. And I found it within a mandala.

When searching for the right pattern I came across The Winter Mandala by Crochet Millan

It worked up so easily, and I used bright vibrant colors as I wanted something to banish the January blues.


I can’t wait to try a few more mandala’s and share their beauty with you ❤️❤️


Sue 🌸

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